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While determining the right wheelchair batteries for a power wheelchair, you first need to figure out the uses that will be made of the chair. The next step would be doing some research on the different kinds of batteries that are available. This is very important because the wheelchair battery must have the power to go over different kinds of terrain. Power wheelchairs work best with deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. Usually two such batteries are used in series with each producing a charge of 12 volts. Combined they will give 24 volts.

Quite simply put, the voltage is the electrical force available to drive the motors. Lead-acid batteries are used because they are the ones most readily available. They are also inexpensive and rechargeable. Lead-acid batteries are a popular choice for wheelchair batteries because they are available in a wide range of power requirements suited for power wheelchairs. Wheelchair batteries are grouped by size. The size is indicated by some standard numerals. Wheelchair batteries might appear to be similar to those used in automobiles, but remember that these cannot be used in wheelchairs. Lead-acid batteries can be wet-cell or gel-cell and both of these can be used in power wheelchairs.

Usually, a larger battery means larger capacity and greater range. Wet-cell batteries usually have capacity for more power and typically cost less. But gel-cell batteries do not cause spills and are maintenance-free. Also these are the batteries that are allowed aboard airlines. As in any other situation, the connections of the batteries and the wheelchair must be checked regularly. The power wheelchair must be made inoperable while the batteries are being recharged. Innovations in the field of battery technology for power wheelchairs still have a long way to go. This is mainly because the demand for these power wheelchairs is much lower than that for many other products.

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