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A quartz watch uses a battery while an automatic watch functions on the movements of the wearer. A watch battery consists of a single cell and contains an electrolyte and electrode that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Miniature batteries first came into existence during World War II. Since then watch batteries have evolved a lot before reaching the current peak of technology. There are different types of batteries for different types of watches and each has its own specifications. Watch batteries are not of the rechargeable variety. The three main types of watch batteries are silver oxide, alkaline and lithium.

The first two have the same voltage of 1.5. Silver oxide watch batteries are more expensive than an alkaline battery of the same size and capacity but they also offer a wider range of choice. These batteries which look like small coins also maintain a constant voltage. Longer lasting lithium batteries have a capacity of 3 volts. They can hold their power even if not used for many years. It is always best to get a watch battery replaced or repaired by a professional because even the slightest mistake could cost you your watch. In the case of a waterproof watch, replacing its batteries would mean having to open it up. So, to guarantee that it is still waterproof, the watch needs to be sent to the manufacturer.

Watch batteries can also be recycled. It is always a good idea to get those batteries to a recycling location than just throwing them away. When you take them to be replaced the store will usually recycle the battery without your having to tell them to do so. But if you should happen to replace a battery on your own or come across a used watch battery, you should take it to the nearest watch repair center for recycling.

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