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Solar Battery Charger

Different types of battery chargers are available in the market with the popular ones being an AC charger, a DC charger and a solar charger. While the first two require electric sources for charging the last one can be charged anywhere as long as there is adequate sunlight. They do not have to be plugged in but need to be kept stationary when being charged. One disadvantage with using a solar battery charger is that it can take several hours to charge one set of batteries. So it would be good to keep a spare set with you so that you always have one pair of charged batteries.

Solar battery chargers are most useful when going camping or on an RV trip. During these times, it is very difficult if not impossible to find electric sources to recharge batteries. It is important to understand how solar battery chargers work. Sunlight shines on the specially made solar panel which then traps the sunlight and converts it into electricity and stores it in the battery for later use. Solar batteries look no different from other usual batteries. Only the method of charging and the type of energy source used is different.

Finding solar batteries and solar battery chargers is not difficult these days. There are plenty of manufacturers offering a variety of brands and a range of sizes to suit individual needs. Some even offer customization but this might prove to be a little more expensive. The AA solar batteries can usually be used in all equipment such as GPS, cameras, flashlights and CD players. By getting a charger that can charge upwards of four batteries at a time, you can be ensured of constant supply of power to all your gadgets wherever you may be. But make sure that the places you will be going to will have an uninterrupted supply of streaming sunlight!!

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