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A PDA is of utmost importance to someone who works remotely. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that the PDA battery is always in good working condition. PDA batteries are quite affordable and so it is pretty easy to buy a spare one. But some manufacturers include rechargeable batteries with their PDAs. Rechargeable PDA batteries also have their limitations in some respects. Never even think of buying a used or refurbished battery. These are almost never good and you would do better to pay a few bucks more for a new PDA battery from a reliable retailer instead.

There are some problems that can be avoided by taking a few precautions. At the same time there are some other issues that are beyond or control. These include declining capacity, increasing internal resistance, elevated self-discharge, and premature voltage cut-off on discharge. You must try and use the adapter whenever using your PDA for this helps conserve battery life. If you are not going to be using the PDA for some time put it on standby. As with computers, lowering the screen brightness helps extend the life of a PDA battery. Set the backlighting to turn off within a short while. Removing unused devices such as PC cards or a compact flash is also a good move.

You can detect ahead of time if the battery is about to die on you. One very clear signal would be when you start getting lesser time from your PDA battery. Another sign is if even after charging, the PDA does not switch on. Other signs are appearance of vertical lines when you switch on the power or dim pictures. If you see any of these signs and you have had your PDA for more than a year, it might well be time to replace the battery or at the very least get it checked.

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