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For many with hectic schedules and frequent traveling, a laptop is a blessing and an indispensable accessory. Often we need to use a laptop when a power connection is unavailable or not usable due to some reason. So, the battery is the most essential part of a laptop and hence, it is necessary that this be a reliable one on which you can depend whenever required. Laptops have two types of batteries – main batteries and backup batteries. The latter is what maintains the accuracy of the computer system whenever it is turned off and then back on again.

One simple way of making the laptop battery last longer is by customizing the display and power scheme on your computer. Reducing the brightness of the screen is another way of conserving battery life. By switching off the wireless card when not using it can also help stop the drain of your laptop’s battery. Make sure that the batteries are clean, particularly the contacts since this ensures good connection. If not using the battery, then store it away in a clean, cool, dry place. A typical battery can last anywhere between one and a half years to three years of normal usage. When you laptop battery gives you only half the usual time you get out of it before recharging, it is an indication that it might be time to get a new battery.

Remember to recharge your battery before using if you stored it away for some time. The actual battery run-time can vary depending on the type of work you do on the laptop and the type of laptop you use. Make sure that your battery does not get short-circuited since this can impact greatly on a laptop battery. Do not get the battery wet, keep it away from heat and ensure that it is not damaged in any manner.

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