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New! Lower Shipping Charges and Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More!

Schauer 36V 2.5A Battery Maintainer (constant voltage) - 115VAC - Battery Clips

by Schauer

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Model JAC0336MAN (0891-103)

Extend the life of your batteries with this battery maintainer. Prevents battery sulfation during equipment storage.


• Maintainer for 36 Volt battery systems. Use on 10 to 300 Amp Hour lead acid batteries - typical of golf carts, industrial scrubbers, etc.
• Current limiting.
• Fully automatic maintainer can be left on the battery in maintaining/float mode.
• Red LED indicates AC power on. Yellow maintaining at 2.5 amp. Green maintaining at 1 amp or less.
• Can be used for any type lead acid battery, including conventional, maintenance free, deep cycle, gelled-type, valve regulated batteries.
• Reverse polarity and short circuit proof.
• AC cordset length, 6 feet. DC cordset length, 4 feet with battery clips.
• Aluminum case.


The JAC0336MAN maintainer will provide 2.5 amps until the battery voltage reaches 39.5 VDC. Then it will hold float voltage at 39.5 and only provide the amount of current necessary to maintain the batteries at 39.5 V, depending upon their condition. The battery pack should first be fully charged with a primary charger. When primary charging is complete, remove the primary charger and connect the maintainer. If the battery voltage is below 39.5 V when the maintainer is connected, then it will cycle through this process.