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The iPod battery is the latest must-have accessory making the rounds. Apple’s website has a section devoted to the iPod and issues related to it including the battery used in the gadget and its care and maintenance. The iPod and iPod mini both use built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. A new fully charged iPod battery can last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. This will vary depending upon the model you have. Fully charging an iPod battery when not in use can take up to four hours. Unlike many other types of batteries the iPod battery does not have to be fully discharged before it is charged.

Also the iPod is in no danger of overcharging even if you leave it overnight or forget to take it off the charger. Apple also offers a worldwide travel adapter kit for charging your iPod wherever you might choose to take it. If you are not using your iPod for a long time, it still has standby power for up to a month when fully charged. After that, the battery gets fully discharged. If you are not someone who uses your iPod regularly make sure you charge your iPod battery at least once a month.

As with other types of batteries, it is always best to keep the iPod battery at room temperature at all times. If the battery gets discharged fully, it has to be charged immediately even if you won’t need it. By turning off the backlighting and equalizer you can cut down on battery usage significantly. Using compressed tracks and avoiding switching tracks are other tips to keep in mind. It is a good idea to put the battery in sleep mode when not in use. You can also put it on hold. Some iPods also have a feature called hibernation. In this, the gizmo goes into power conservation mode after 14 hours of inactivity.

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