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Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries usually come in pairs of two with a 6 volt charge each. These batteries have very thick plates and are designed for hours of heavy discharge every day. Golf cart batteries are not expensive and can be found quite easily. In the maintenance of golf cart batteries there are two extremes to be cautious of when watering them. Over watering and under watering can both prove harmful to the batteries. It is necessary to keep the electrolyte level in the golf cart batteries at the correct level. This can be done by adding distilled water. But be careful when you do this.

One very common mistake is refilling discharged batteries. You need to recharge the battery first, and then check the level of the electrolyte. Only then should you refill it. But if you find before recharging that the tops of the plates are exposed then it is alright to add enough water to cover the tops of the plates before recharging the battery. Never use tap water and make sure that you do not let it overflow. When the electrolyte overflows as a result of excess water, it upsets the ratio of distilled water and sulfuric acid present in the battery.

The overflow can also cause the battery acid to spill over and cause damage to surfaces in its vicinity. Under watering can cause sulfation which might cause the battery to die out gradually. So water your golf cart batteries only when required and that too very carefully. Older batteries need to be checked more frequently. It is not always a good idea to fully discharge the battery before charging it. Too much of this can damage the battery forever. Make sure the battery terminals are kept clean. Anti-corrosion gel can be applied on all connections. You can also clean the entire area with battery neutralizer.

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