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The digital camera has become very popular now and each day new models with innovations are being brought out. When getting digital camera batteries make sure that you get a spare set because digital cameras are quite draining. The best thing to do would be to opt for rechargeable batteries since this prevents wastage and is also cost-effective in the long run. Follow some simple tips to maximize the power of your digital camera batteries and you will always be ready to snap the perfect picture.

Whenever possible keep your camera turned off. Of course, you can make an exception when you are in a situation where quick picture-taking is essential. The LCD viewfinders can drain digital camera batteries quickly. So, if it is possible to turn them off when not required, do so. Another thing to avoid is viewing each picture after you snap it. Switching modes consumes a lot of power. Always keep a charger handy even if you feel you have enough batteries to last your whole trip. Charge drained batteries every day even if you feel there are enough charged ones. Remember that rechargeable batteries do not stay charged forever. They lose some power each day.

So, if you left a fully charged battery in your camera for some days without using it, don’t be surprised to see that the battery’s dead when you finally take it out for that crucial picture. Overcharging batteries is also harmful, so make sure you don’t commit that mistake either. Remember never to use different types of digital camera batteries together at one time. Not only can this cause damage to the batteries or the camera, it can also lead to one battery running out before the others do. This can happen because digital camera batteries of different brands have differing capacities. Batteries may last longer in warm weather than in cold. So prepare accordingly when planning to take pictures.

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