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Well, you have decided to buy a new car and are all excited about and ready to go over and pick it up. But before you do that don’t forget to do take a checklist of things to look over before making that decision. One important thing to keep in mind would be checking the battery to ensure that it meets all standards and will give you good performance. Once this is done, there are many other things you need to do to enhance the life of your car battery. One very common reason for a car battery dying out is leaving the headlights, radio or interior lights on while the car is not running.

Other no no’s include using the air conditioner while the car isn’t running and not starting the car on a regular basis. A problem with the alternator and poor maintenance of the battery are other reasons that can cause problems with car batteries. Despite all these precautions there is no guarantee that you will never find yourself stranded with a car battery that has given up. If this happens you can first try restarting your car with the help of a friend or relative’s car and jumper cables.

If this is not possible, call for roadside assistance or a towing service. You can then get your battery replaced at an automobile service center. This is the best way but if for some reason you should wish to do so yourself, first purchase the battery recommended for your car. While doing this, you might consider exchanging or recycling the old battery. Disconnect the negative terminals of the old battery first and then the positives. Lift out the used car battery and clean the cable terminals. Then put in the new battery, connect and secure it properly. Finally test if the connections are right by starting the car.

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