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Spent and worn-out lead-acid batteries can be recycled to make new batteries and other products. These recyclable batteries are used in different kinds of vehicles including cars, RVs and motorcycles. All elements of a battery can be reclaimed and reused. The lead used in batteries is usually fully reusable and finds its way into new batteries. The same applies to sulfuric acid. In addition, sulfuric acid can be treated and purified to turn into pure water or converted to sodium sulfate to be used in fertilizers or dyes and the like. Most areas have local recycling centers where you can take your old vehicle and automobile batteries after they are of no use to you.

General purpose batteries and alkaline batteries can be disposed off normally with the rest of the trash from your home. But make sure not to throw away a large amount of batteries together at the same time. Most batteries are often not totally discharged when they cease to be of use, so it is not a good idea to throw them away together. Battery recycling is also the best way to ensure that you do your bit in keeping the environment clean and pollutant free. By taking used batteries to a recycling center you are making sure that all hazardous material in these goes to just one place.

Besides individuals and households, small business owners and big corporations can all do the same and recycle the batteries used by them which will certainly be a larger figure. If you look up on the internet you can find recycling locations near you. Most of them do it for free but some do charge a minimal rate by weight. Make sure that the batteries are never burned or put in fire. This might even cause them to explode. In case of a leak from a battery make sure that you do not let any of the fluid touch your skin. If this happens wash the area thoroughly with water and soap.

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